Merakit Audio Limiter Untuk Pemancar FM

Posted by ATMAJA'Z

Merakit Audio Limiter Untuk Pemancar FMOnce assembled, the cable connection from my connection one by one. After making sure all the connections right, I turn on the audio limiter. Suddenly, a voice blast "BOOM" and the billowing white smoke. Well, what's this? Want to know what happened?
It turned out it was all an illusion:-D (hence, easy read only).
What is certain is the power led is lit on the audio signal flow limiter has entered the circuit. Merakit Audio Limiter Untuk Pemancar FM

I tried the music volume increase until the end, audio output is fixed, but the voice sounded broken. Well, what's wrong again ya? What might be because I do not use but IC MC1458 IC HA1458? Not known. Further, the audio input volume limiter I try to reduce a little, the sound was slightly better.

In audio limiter scheme, there are 2 led, the led is red and green, sorry I did not know what it led indicators. But that would only glow green led, if the input hard, green led is dim. But the red led is not lit.

From audio limiter test this, I am still not satisfied, felt less redamannya. Bass also was flat. Treble is also rough. So is my audio limiter off my back and save. Still sounds good if you do not use these audio limiter, bass treble pleasant, well although there is a big music and small according to the recording.

I was able to scheme other audio limiter, but there is one component that is not available, the field effect transistor BF245. Who knows which uses an audio limiter BF245 better results.