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tool/alat yang dibutuhkan

catu daya scheme

power amplifier
1. Create a power supply circuit path and amps on the PCB board. In the manufacturing line, we can use a waterproof marker or a penyablonan theory.
Nich power supply circuit and PCB amplifier. was dissolved into the solution-clorida Ferry.

2. After you finish for jalurna, now we do the drilling on the PCB board in order to put the legs of the components that will be used. Watch out hand drilled ...
Ill lho ... ...
3. Enter the component - the component to the PCB board in accordance with the lines that have been made. Do not store the components - components
4. Soldering components.
5. Testing components - the components are connected or not with other components using multymeter. Take steps - these steps over and over - and over again
6. Create a box for the speaker to sound maknyos
7. After connecting all the components have been made n boxnya, connect to the sound source (type).
8. Enjoy your active peaker voice is