Remove Scratches From Your Flat Screen TV

Posted by Anonymous

One of the more frequent questions we receive here at is how to remove light scratches from Flat Screen & LCD TVs safely without making the scratches worse. Scratches can result from some of the most innocuous, everyday items such as a thick piece of paper or magazine, a nerf toy, or tiny fingernails from kitty cats and children. Any of these items can unintentionally brush against your Flat Screen, leaving a scratch that can be visible whether the television in turned on or off.

The secret to removing light scratches from your Flat Screen TV is to use the proper tools. Here is the list of tools to gather:

1.) Isopropyl Alcohol - Available from grocery stores, drug stores, hardware stores
2.) Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth - Available from sunglasses stores, Wal-Mart, Target
3.) Distilled Water - Available at grocery stores, Wal-Mart, drug stores

Never, ever use Windex, glass cleaner, or other window cleaning solutions on your Flat Screen TV. Additionally, never use paper towels on your Flat Screen TV, as this is the quickest way to permanently damage your screen with thousands of little scratches.

Firstly, mix a 50/50 solution (half Isopropyl Alcohol and half distilled water) in a liquid safe container. Isopropyl Alcohol is usually listed at 90% pure, so mixing a 50/50 solution results in a cleaning solution that is nearly perfect for our needs.

Secondly, dip your Micro Fiber cloth into the solution and begin to gently rub the scratch on the TV in a circular motion. It is important not to rub too hard, as friction from the Micro Fiber cloth can make the scratch worse. Continue to use a circular motion while keeping the Micro Fiber cloth damp with your Isopropyl Alcohol and distilled water solution.

Finally, the scratch should begin to disappear as the Isopropyl Alcohol in your cleaning solution evaporates. If the scratch does not begin to disappear or becomes worse - STOP! You may have a scratch that needs a more thorough fix. Our next article will address such a situation! Remember, the easiest way to remove scratches from your Flat Screen and LCD TV is to prevent them in the first place.