LM1877 – Dual Audio Power Amplifier Schematics Datasheet and Application

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The LM1877 is a monolithic dual audio power amplifier designed to deliver 2W/channel continuous into 8 Ohm loads. It was typically applicable in servo amplifiers, automotive products, tape recorders and players, AM-FM radio receivers, intercom system, multi-channel audio systems, and stereo phonographs.

LM1877 in Inverting Unity Gain Amplifier The following article contains detail description of LM1877, its features, connection diagrams, equivalent schematic diagram, absolute maximum rating, LM1877 – Dual Audio Power Amplifier electrical characteristics (including total supply current, output power, total harmonic distortion, output swing, channel separation, PSRR power supply rejection noise, noise, open loop gain, input offset voltage, input bias current, input impedance, DC output level, Slew rate, power bandwidth, and current limit).

In this article you will find also typical performance characteristics of LM1877, typical application in electronics compliant (with schematics of Stereo Phonograph Amplifier with Bass Tone Control, Inverting Unity Gain Amplifier, Stereo Amplifier, Non-Inverting Amplifier Using Split Supply, and Typical Split Supply) and physical dimension data. Find more information about LM1877 – Dual Audio Power Amplifier Schematics Datasheet and Application here – 9 pages of PDF filetype. (source: national.com)